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About Us


Design Mark (Primary) -  ™


Word Mark - Imprint Brand ™


Jingle - Printing Projects, Promotional Products. ™


Slogan - We grow and promote your brand. ℠


Tagline - We are an advertising and branding company 


                focused on printing and promotional solutions. ℠



Imprint Brand is an innovative branding and advertising agency that is focused

on promotional products and printing services for companies and organizations. 


For promotional items, we specialize in apparel & accessories, events & trade shows,

consumer & trade goods, business & office supplies, and specialty & corporate gifts.

For printing services, we specialize in commercial printing and eco-friendly printing.


We offer brand implementation, development, and management to gain maximum

identity, awareness, engagement, and loyalty. In addition, we perform services

for trademarks, service marks, word marks, names, design marks, logos symbols,

QR codes, monikers, slogans, jingles, mottos, taglines, and copy for a wide variety of

programs and campaigns. As well, we offer programs for product development and

private label merchandise.


In any situation, our services accommodate just about anything that you can dream up

for your brand. Whether you want branding, rebranding, co-branding, personalizing, or

customizing, we make it happen. We strive not to be trite, but we really are your

"one-stop shop" for promotional products and printing services.



What is the meaning behind Imprint Brand?


Generally, our brand is recognized in different ways. Both words in the name are either

nouns or verbs.  The primary meaning is that both words are nouns. It's a way to

show that Imprint Brand is the whole brand, since imprint is a general word used in

the industry. The secondary meaning places "Imprint" as a verb and "Brand" as a

noun. It conveys what we do. So, we are a brand and a branding company.


Why have you chosen this trademark name strategy?


We mainly chose this quick and dirty way for its simplicity, marketability, and availability.

These are important aspects to have in a name within our competitive industry and

technological world.


Should I look at doing the same strategy with my potential trademark or brand name?


This is a unique circumstance, so many brands or organizational names do not fit this

strategy. Not to mention, there are legal concerns to take into consideration. Further, it

really depends on your industry. Aside, there are many other unique ways in choosing a

name. We offer a service to help you find the right one.


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