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10x10 Inflatable Tent W/ Solid Color

#AD1010PONP 10x10 - Air Dome Inflatable Tent w/ Solid Color Polyester Top    
10x10 Inflatable Tent W/ Solid Color

The AirDome is a revolutionary modern inflatable tent unlike any other. Constructed of Dacron, the primary sailboat material, the AirDome was designed to withstand severe weather conditions such as heavy winds, rain or snow and can be taken to the mountains or beaches. It does not require continuous air supply and you only inflate it once in less than 10 minutes. This unique tent works along with the principles of “mechanical distortion,” meaning it will absorb the wind power coming from any direction and maintain stability. Furthermore, it is free of any hardware that could damage its surrounding environment, a feature providing optimal safety to people and their property. It is available in three different sizes and it is fully customizable. We will print any logo or design to your top. We use 600 Denier Polyester which has a superb visual finish and comes in an endless choice of colors.

Normal Production Time:
10 Working Days

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